Clare Mutual Insurance Company


The purpose of an Insurance Policy is to protect you against loss. Specifics of insurable losses are covered in your policy. If you are unsure about the details of your coverage, we urge you to contact your Agent, who will be pleased to review this information with you.

In the event of an insured loss, it is Clare Mutual’s obligation to put you back in the same financial position as you were prior to the loss.

We are proud of our claims service record. Hired professional independent adjusters are trained to handle all types of losses and will respond to your needs. The turn around time between claim and payment is as fast as we can process it, and is among the fastest in the industry.

Should you experience a loss that you believe is covered, you should do one of two things. Contact your Customer Service Representative or call our Head Office and ask for the Claims Department. Either way, we will examine and process your claim with as little inconvenience as possible to you, the insured.

Should you have a claim after office hours, or on the week-end, please call this toll free number to report the claim and they will contact an adjuster for you: 1-800-290-0886