Chimney Safety

Fire prevention starts with homeowners.  When it comes to wood-burning fireplaces and wood-stoves, never assume the chimney is clean.  Here are some tips to keep your home safe.

  • Inspect and clean chimney and flue pipes often

  • Always check the condition of the chimney in hidden spaces, including the attic, wall, and chimney chase areas, for corrosion and other deterioration

  • Older chimney and flue systems, or ones that smolder too much, may need cleaning as often as every three weeks

  • On metal chimneys, look for corrosion or rust stains on the outer shell, and check for bulges or corrosion in the liner

  • If any problems are detected during your cleaning and inspection, have the system thoroughly inspected by a qualified chimney installer, and have the repairs done before continuing to use the chimney

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