Furnace Safety Tips

Heating your home in the winter is important – especially in our Canadian climate.  Equally important is maintaining your furnace (and chimney) at least yearly to make sure all is working to safety standards. Here are some tips to keep your home safe:

  • Clean or change furnace filters regularly. (Replace disposable filters. Wash, brush or vacuum permanent filters.)

  • Look for rust spots on or around your furnace – it could be a sign of an issue in need of repair.

  • Replace carpeting around and/or under the furnace with sheet metal or other fire proof material.
  • Clean out personal property and/or debris from the furnace area. You should never use your furnace closet for storage or drying clothes.

  • Furnaces and hot water heaters are powered by electricity or fuels like oil, propane or natural gas, so it’s important that there’s enough space for proper ventilation – as well as maintenance or emergency repair work.

  • Don’t lean anything against the furnace or water heater.

  • Don’t place kitty litter near your furnace – ammonia fumes from the litter can corrode the furnace heat exchanger and odours can circulate throughout your home.

  • In an emergency, or even for a regular inspection, burnt-out light bulbs and low lighting can make walking around your furnace room hazardous.  Keep a flashlight handy.

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