Home Fire Protection Tips

You can protect your home with these simple steps to a cost effective fire smart home.

  • Maintain what you’ve got at least twice per year (do it yourself, cost $0-$300):

    • Remove needles, leaves, and other debris from gutters, roof surfaces, decks and balconies
    • Regularly clean vents
    • Remove all combustible ground cover (mulch and plants within 1.5M of the house perimeter)
    • Mow the lawn to <10cm
    • Plant low-growing, well spaced shrubs and other fire-resistant plants
    • Prune trees to create a 2m clearance from the ground to the lowest tree branches
  • Complete Simple Upgrades (Do-it-yourself for under $300-$3000):

    • Replace worn or missing weather stripped on all doors including garage doors
    • Add a non-combustible 3mm screen to all external vents, except dryer vents
    • Create a 15cm ground-to-siding non-combustible clearance (eg install cement board to metal skirting)
    • Install non-combustible fencing within 15m of the house (cement fiber, metal, chain link, or stone)
    • Install non-combustible ground surfaces within 1.5m of the house (mineral soil, rock, concrete, or stone)
  • Complete more complex upgrades (Work with a contractor for over $3000-30,000):

    • Install Class A fire-resistant roof covering (eg cement fibre, metal, or asphalt shingles)
    • Install non-combustible siding (stucco, metal, stone, cement fibre board)
    • Install multi-pane or tempered glass windows
    • Install exterior fire rated doors
    • Retrofit deck components to be fire-rated, with a continuous surface
    • Remove conifer tress that are within 10m of the house

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