Loss Prevention

Wouldn’t it be nice if your insurance carrier gave you guidance on how to prevent loss? That’s what the Clare Mutual Loss Prevention Program does for its policyholders.

We believe in the power of loss prevention.

There are many different things a homeowner and business owner can do to protect their property from loss. Some common losses applicable to you are water related losses, sewer back-up water damage, windstorm and hail, and, of course, fire.  Some of these losses are automatically included under your insurance policy, however some types of losses require you to purchase additional protection.

The Clare Mutual Loss Prevention Program aims at keeping people safe and avoiding a preventable loss.  Our Loss Prevention Specialist reviews your property to help identify risks that could result in injury, loss of life and/or property.  He will review your heating and electrical systems, check for liability and fire and water hazards.

Ask our Loss Prevention Specialist about how your insurance policy will respond to common property losses and what additional coverage you should have.

Our Specialist

Mike Daley - Clare Mutual Insurance - Loss Prevention

Mike Daley

Loss Prevention and Claims Specialist