Roof Maintenance

Shakes, shingles, panels … every roof is different. No matter which type your home has, it needs to be cared for the same way: regularly.   A damaged or aging roof can result in interior water damage and mold caused by rain.  Here are a few guidelines to help prevent damage caused by a leaky roof:

  • Sweep away any twigs, leaves, or dirt – these things can damage a roof over time

  • Putting zinc strips on the roof can also help prevent the growth and buildup of algae or moss. The strips, when combined with rainwater, wash the cleansing chemical down the roof (preventing algae building up in the first place).

  • Check for signs of wear around pipes, your chimney (if you have one), and obvious damage like holes or loose material.

  • Make sure all flashing (the technical term for the weatherproofing materials that seal your roof in places where the roofing material itself ends) is in good condition, without any damage, missing parts, or rust.

  • Avoid power washing your roof because it will shorten its lifespan – it can wash away parts of the roof, damaged or not.

  • Insurance for your home is necessary, even when properly maintained, perils such as wind and/or hail can severely damage a roof.

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