Winter Driving Safety Tips

Whether you are traveling over the holidays or just running errands in winter weather, it’s important for all drivers to take winter car safety seriously. Nova Scotia roads can be a winter wonderland sometimes and a complete disaster at others. Be certain you are ready for anything and everything on the roads this holiday season.

  • Remove ALL snow from your vehicle before driving (Not just what is on your windshield). This will give you maximum visibility.

  • Check local road conditions before you drive (both at home and at your destination as well as along your route)

  • Give yourself some extra time and reduce your speed.  This lets you give yourself enough space between vehicles to read other vehicles’ unpredictable actions.

  • Purchasing or creating a winter survival kit is important. Keep it in your vehicle during the winter. It should include a small shovel, blankets, booster cables, and other items you may need if your vehicle breaks down or you get stranded.

  • If you are attending a holiday party, or will be drinking, use a designated driver or take a taxi.

  • If the weather is really bad or takes a turn for the worse, staying off the road is always the safest bet.

With care and caution, you can keep your avoid common winter driving hazards. We understand that accidents can happen with even the most careful drivers, if you have a claim with Clare Mutual Insurance you can rest assured you will receive all the support you need to get life back to normal quickly and easily.

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